TJC (formerly JCAHO) Compliance and Preconstruction Planning

Any type of construction activity at a hospital or healthcare institution can adversely affect patient safety or health.

The Joint Commission (TJC), formerly the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) is a non-profit, independent organization that develops and maintain standards of quality, and health and public safety, in medical facilities in the United States. As part of its Environment of Care (EC) standards, TJC requires that all construction, renovation, and repairs made by healthcare facilities be evaluated for their potential impact on patient care and safety prior to beginning work.

TJC has adopted a matrix that classifies the type of construction activity proposed and the type of occupancy where it is taking place, and defines how an area should be isolated for particular activities and locations. The standard also requires periodic inspections for compliance. The healthcare facility is responsible for performing these preconstruction inspections and risk assessments.

Dominion Construction Inc. has considerable experience and expertise with TJC requirements and inspections, what is required to be in compliance, and providing construction management services that help hospitals and healthcare facilities meet TJC standards and secure accreditation. TJC accreditation can be earned by many types of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, office-based surgery centers, and behavioral health treatment facilities.