Sensitive Environments

Specializing in Healthcare and Sensitive Construction Environments

Dominion specializes in healthcare, school and sensitive/secure construction environments and serves the following construction markets:

  • Hospitals and healthcare environments
  • Office and government buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • Interior build-outs and renovations
  • Government SCIF secure environments

With a long and successful track record managing hospital and healthcare construction, Dominion’s projects have included Emergency Departments, Operating Rooms, Laboratories, Radiology Departments, MRI Suites, PACUs, Critical Care Units, Medical Office Buildings, Medical Data Centers and Renovation of Clinical occupied spaces.

Dominion has found that the construction processes that work effectively in hospital and healthcare environments can also be utilized in highly sensitive government agencies, or school environments. Our expertise in these areas provides assurance to administrators and owners that specialized care will be taken to provide a secure environment with minimal interruption to client operations.

Dominion’s management and employees recognize that they are in a hospital, school, government or corporate office first, and in a construction site second. These environments all require a high level of care and specialized procedures by the contractor and project teams. Client needs are addressed at every level throughout the construction process – from the initial planning and design phases through the completion of a project. Dominion’s commitment and expertise provides assurance that government security, patients’ lives and a second-grader’s safety will all be taken into consideration before work is even started on the construction project.